Tulsi Gabbard Cites Project Veritas Video on Ballot Harvesting | A Swipe at Ilhan Omar

In a video Tweet on the 28th of September, Tulsi Gabbard discussed the integrity of the elections and the fraud involved with ballot harvesting. She later Tweeted and cited a Project Veritas video on ballot harvesting that occurred in Ilhan Omar’s district in Minnesota. See her video and Tweets about this here:

Tulsi also mentioned introducing legislation that would end ballot harvesting practices by making it illegal. Here is her full video:

Tulsi Gabbard Cites Project Veritas Video

We have covered the Project Veritas video here in a recent post. Here is more on the ballot harvesting video captured by Project Veritas and James O’Keefe.

Here is a link to our article on the Project Veritas video. Ilhan Omar Connected Cash for Ballots Scheme
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