Trump vs Not Trump – America has been given a choice.

President Trump and his team have developed a plan for a 2nd term that involves a major alteration of his Cabinet, firing untrustworthy or incompetent officials in key intelligence and health-related jobs. This is a major undertaking for a 2nd term, as usually, most cabinet reworking happens in the beginning of the first term. A testament to how much resistance Trump has seen to America-First policies by the staff he thought he could trust when he appointed them.

Joe Biden has spent most of his campaign attacking Trump. Meanwhile, Trump has been out-working the former Vice President with a campaign that was truly impressive, showing record turnout among his supporters even amidst the complications Covid19 has come with.

Trump is running on platform with these key pillars:

1. Defeat The Chinese Virus

Trumps plan around coronavirus is all-encompassing. Managing the balance of liberty and providing Americans an array of options and treatments that don’t involve a violation of constitutional rights or freedoms.

2. Restore Our Country’s Prosperity

By continuing to do what was successful in his 1st term, Trump promises to find more trade deals and policies that negatively effect American prosperity and rewrite them with America 1st.

3. Turn America into the Drugstore of the World

By the creation of initiatives that make pharmaceuticals manufacturing more lucrative in the USA, Trump promises to make American access to life-saving drugs more self-reliant, while also boosting the economy with that increased local production.

4. Onshore Manufacturing Jobs

Trump put American workers first in his 2016-2020 term, by creating tariffs and negotiating better trade deals, he de-incentivized globalist economic models and created new opportunities for small business.

5. Bring Back Factory Jobs

The work set out by Trump his first term has set a strong foundation to bring factory jobs back to the USA. Indeed a few major corporations relocated back to the USA after Trump made local operation more financially lucrative, and killed America-last globalist regulations that were designed to send factory jobs to China at the expense of the American worker and economy. By finishing what was started, Trump promises that even more factory jobs will return during his 2nd term.

6. Put American Workers First

It seems like we are repeating ourselves, but regardless of the increase in economic prosperity brought about during the first Trump term due, largely to trade deal renegotiations, tariffs, regulation changes, and just the overall prosperity that rippled outward bettering the lives of everyone who seized those new opportunities that came along with, there really is something to be said for a personal policy that American workers always come first.

What is Joe Biden’s platform?

1. Lockdown

Lockdown until specific events occur that may never happen or until Covid19 goes away. (Possibly lockdown indefinitely).

2. Reverse America First Policies

Joe Biden has made it very clear that China’s economy is in his best interest. A revival of the globalist policies that hurt American prosperity under Obama/Biden would be revisited.

3. Equity as Equality

Biden and especially Harris have made it blatantly obvious that they support Cultural Marxist societal weapons like Gender Theory and Critical Race Theory. A disbanding of the 1776 commission and a reintroduction of anti-American values would flood all levels of education from kindergarten to University, as it did under Obama.

4. Green Old Deal

Although Biden has officially rejected The Green New Deal, he has promised to revise it and fix what he says are issues that he simply couldn’t address as the plan had laid forth. Ironically, he has positioned himself to rely mainly on the authors of the original paper to formulate the revised version, and so of course we are left to wonder if it will simply be a reworded version of the same globalist, anti-American, anti-human paper.

5. He’s Not Trump

Perhaps the largest pillar in Joe Biden’s platform is that “he isn’t Trump.” From blaming the Covid19 spread, deaths and state imposed restrictions on Trump, or making outlandish statements like “the earth will never recover from 4 more years of Trump,” Joe Biden has spent most of his energy explaining to voters that he isn’t the other guy. In light of Trump’s industrious 4 year record as president, and Biden’s 47 year record of much-ado-about-nothing, that point is obvious to everyone with eyes. Biden is absolutely not Trump, and America is astoundingly better for it.

And so, it all comes down to this, America. Are you voting for Trump, or Not Trump?

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