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What do all those words have in common? They signify an age where politicians use the word “science” for authoritarian practices when there is counter-indicative evidence throughout history to prove their science is made-up. They use the word science as if it gives them authority to enact mandates when the science says the opposite. This is a fallacy one can point to called appeal to authority fallacy.

To confirm their authoritarian mandates and continue to use the science they rush out some “supposed” experts to agree with their mandates. These are far too often simple political hacks used to confirm the bias of the politician and their mandates. It is the same technique they’ve used in the climate change debate that corrupted science. Now, let’s step into the mask debate to show how their appeal to authority has created authoritarian policies that create more harm to exacerbate the problem (intentionally possibly).

March/April 2020 Science | Science Masks Authoritarians COVID

Science Masks Authoritarians COVID

There have been many studies concerning masks and how effective they are at preventing diseases. Here is a link to several RCT studies on surgeons wearing masks to reduce the infection rate. Bottom line conclusion in those studies; In some cases, the study proved masks do not help stop or slow infection rates during surgery.

We will begin by linking to an article that has links to seven randomized controlled trials that effectively say masks do not work in non-healthcare settings. These randomized controlled trials (RCTs) are brought to us by credible sources. Read them yourself here:

  1. University of Michigan-School of Public Health
  2. German randomized controlled trial
  3. The Journal of Infectious Diseases 
  4. A randomized controlled trial conducted in Thailand
  5. A 19-month randomized controlled trial
  6. Infectious Disorders Study
  7. A randomized trial in France

WHO and CDC Recommendations | Science Masks Authoritarians COVID

CDC on Masks

WHO on Masks

Are Masks Making People Sick??

Other Resources | Science Masks Authoritarians COVID

From our front page under COVID News, we have listed this article quoting medical doctors and epidemiologists

Mask Studies Quote

A case can also be made that masks are actually making more people sick not only with COVID but pneumonia and other respiratory infections.

Masks Don't Work

See this CNN web archive link for what the MSM was saying in March of 2020 and then ask yourself why the push for mask mandates? Why all the sudden people are pushing masks when everything before early 2020 including scientific studies said masks do not work in a viral pandemic? In fact, anything we’ve seen so far are only written opinions that want people to think they are studies? This a part of the big lie they are pushing for political reasons.

Make no mistake, the people are evil. What they have done to wreck economies has hurt everyone. Politicians who have the power to wreck our economy do not have the best interest of the people and need to be shown the door and held accountable for their bad decisions. When they proclaim they used science as a basis for their decision, they need to be charged with fraud because there is no science that says masks or lockdowns work in a pandemic.

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