Press Reports Proud Boys Arrest Ignores ANTIFA BLM Arrests

As the elections grow closer the media is doing everything they can to help the Democrats get elected. Chris Wallace in the first presidential debates on Tuesday night repeated a common lie the left uses about Trump calling white supremacists very fine people. This lie began in Charlottesville in August of 2017. The “fine people” hoax was a result of media malpractice in reporting the president’s words. Here is a transcript.

Transcript very fine people lie

While the press makes up lies and the Democrats repeat the lies amplifying them, the mainstream media and the left hypes white supremacist stories while not reporting on ANTIFA and BLM arrests for violence. Here’s an example of that spin from the mainstream media.

WaPo Falsely Claims No Arrests in Portland 

And an example from the mainstream media highlighting groups like the Proudboys. The mainstream media and the left love lying about the Proudboys, referring to them as a white supremacist group which is an abject lie. Here are a couple of news feeds highlighting this lie

Bing News Feed Proud Boys

Google News Feed Proud Boys

Proud Boy Arrest

If you follow Andy Ngo, a citizen journalist, he exposes many different things between ANTIFA and the left including exposing the media bias against the Proudboys and the lie that they are white supremacists. Here is a video of Mr. Ngo testifying before congress on this matter.


You can also follow Andy Ngo on Twitter to see many videos he uses to expose this bias.

More on this subject and how the media lies about it:

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