Presidential Debates – Ear Piece Inspections and Breaks

The former vice president, Joe Biden, has not consented to inspection for earpieces in the presidential debates. Earpieces can be used for cheating and is a big subject since the mental stability of Biden is debatable. Biden’s campaign has also requested two thirty-minute breaks for the 90-minute televised debate.

Why the Thirty-minute Breaks in a Presidential Debate?

An obvious reason, especially since you object to an ear inspection, is to change the batteries for the earpiece or change the earpiece that has a freshly charged battery. Since no protruding wires can be observed which would give away a hidden earpiece, the battery would likely be so small it wouldn’t last a full 90-minutes.

Unverified photo’s going around on social media shows distortions in Joe’s ear’s when he is speaking publicly. This suggests someone is feeding him information via a radio earpiece to help him when he gets confused. It is also a clear violation of debate rules.

Will Joe finally consent to an ear inspection just as the president has done?  

Here is a video of Hillary in the 2016 debates. You decide.

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