CNN Brian Tater Stelter Head Explosion

CNN Brian Tater Stelter Head Explosion

CNN Brian Tater Stelter Head Explosion

CNN Brian Tater Stelter Head Explosion – CNN’s very own Tater, Brian Stelter goes apoplectic over Trump driving around waving at people.

See the video here : Sound on.

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Dice – Trump Broke CNN Video

The media gets it wrong again

CNN Brian Tater Stelter Head Explosion

Reuters Fact Check Gets it Wrong

Reuters Fact Check Gets it Wrong

Reuters Fact Check Gets it Wrong

Here is a video of Joe Biden giving a eulogy for Robert “KKK” Byrd.

Wrong Fact Checks


Misinformation – Media Driving the Narrative with Dubious Influences

Misinformation – Media Driving the Narrative with Dubious Influences

Misinformation – Media Driving the Narrative

The information in the above chart is derived from Cornell University and has dubious links to the Chinese. The entire media is using that study to promote a political narrative from a source that has links to China and possibly the CCP. WOW!!!!

Misinformation – Media Driving the Narrative – This post is being written in regard to a media report trying to drive the narrative for misinformation. How many times have the fact-checker sites been caught being wrong? Fact-checker sites using dubious sources and opinion rather than facts to support their narrative that, oddly, always seems to go against the right and our president?

We have all seen the Snopes fact-checking (laughable) site and observed misinformation based on opinion and dubious sources that always lean to the leftwing narrative. It’s time to take a stand and show these fools how wrong they are and how they are ruining America with their propaganda. Let’s take it from the top of the above-posted graph.

CCP  and Other Connections for Disinformation and Misinformation from the Media

There is a ‘hidden hand” of influence on our press. They rely on advertising revenue to stay afloat. Therefore they can distort or massage a story into a certain narrative to support these outside funders that want a specific outcome. The influence of the story about Misinformation from the media came from Cornell University. In this report from, they outline the hidden support universities receive from shady CCP sources. The media then picks it up and reports on it furthering the propaganda that was influenced by the CCP.

CCP Loyalty Biaotai

From the Book, “Hidden Hand”

Other areas of influence come from foundations. It is well known the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has influenced the media for decades by funding and donating to media platforms and media foundations. Some hide these connections while others do not hide them. For those savvy enough to look you can find specific donations on their site. Here is one from Politifact which is a site ran by the Poynter Foundation.

Politifact Gates funding

As of this writing, all the stories on Politifact concerning Gates or any of his work is all positive. This means people get distorted facts when they go to those sites to get reliable (in this case, unreliable) information.

Doesn’t just those facts alone make the entire media narrative on misinformation, misinformation? They are using dubious propaganda sources to write their propaganda.

Media Fact-Checking Dishonesty | If Journalist were Doctors, They’d be Held Accountable for Malpractice

Miracles Cures

What the media says:

Media Misinformation and miracle cures

How to Combat this:

First, we’ll cover disinfectants. I cannot believe President Trump said this without some backup facts from one of the doctors on his team. Whether Fauci or Birx told him there is research into disinfectants for medical use and curing ailments. In fact, doctors at Cedars-Sinai hospital have done just that. You can read about it here.

Billions of humans ingest disinfectants every day when they drink tap water. Chlorine dioxide is used in water supplies to kill undesirable biological matter that will harm human health. If you have ever been camping and wanted to make sure any water you drink from a creek or lake you likely purchased Chlorine dioxide to purify the water.

chlorine dioxide tablets disinfectant

Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) Azithromycin and Zinc

According to the media, these are represented as miracle cures. They completely ignore many facts to arrive at that narrative and use more dubious and retracted studies to arrive at their narrative. Remember, sometimes, in media stories, it is what they leave out of the story that is important. And they very often do leave specific facts out that would otherwise kill their narrative. This, at its very core, is disingenuous and therefore, dishonest.

Here is a Tweet from a medical doctor:

Here is a story about two studies, that were rushed studies and retracted because they turned out to be bogus.

It comes to use from and it describes the retraction of the bogus studies.

retracted HCQ studies

There are numerous anecdotal stories from doctors all over the world just like this video:

Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) Azithromycin and Zinc from a Doctors Perspective

There are many doctors online who share their opinions on social media. One of them is Doctor Zev Zelenko. You can read all about him here:

Remember, these are not the only doctors exposing the bad political narrative of discrediting a good prophylactic against viral infections. There are many others and we will share them here later.

Let’s look at geography and add our own narrative. In equatorial regions of the world, many people take HCQ for malaria. It has been used to fight malaria for over 60 years. It is also prescribed for rheumatoid arthritis and lupus. There are many countries in the world where HCQ is an over the counter drug requiring no prescription to purchase. Let’s look at this chart which was downloaded by for the purpose of this article:

HCQ zinc viral infections

Notice how the countries that use HCQ/Zinc to fight viral infections have low death rates? Isn’t appalling to find that the media and politicians have turned this subject political instead of scientific? How many people would have been saved if it wasn’t turned political?

Here is a dynamic chart showing HCQ countries versus those that restrict it’s use

China | Misinformation – Media Driving the Narrative with Dubious Influences

In this video, we see a Chinese official making comments about democracy.

And a prominent advisor to the Chinese government has declared that democracy and freedom are poisons and cults that conflict with the government. Jin Canrong, whose titles include an Adviser of Policy Planning Office of the National People’s Congress, said in a video speech that “democracy is poison and cult.”

Note, this is a work in progress and is in continuous development.

Press Reports Proud Boys Arrest Ignores ANTIFA BLM Arrests

Press Reports Proud Boys Arrest Ignores ANTIFA BLM Arrests

Press Reports Proud Boys Arrest Ignores ANTIFA BLM Arrests

As the elections grow closer the media is doing everything they can to help the Democrats get elected. Chris Wallace in the first presidential debates on Tuesday night repeated a common lie the left uses about Trump calling white supremacists very fine people. This lie began in Charlottesville in August of 2017. The “fine people” hoax was a result of media malpractice in reporting the president’s words. Here is a transcript.

Transcript very fine people lie

While the press makes up lies and the Democrats repeat the lies amplifying them, the mainstream media and the left hypes white supremacist stories while not reporting on ANTIFA and BLM arrests for violence. Here’s an example of that spin from the mainstream media.

WaPo Falsely Claims No Arrests in Portland 

And an example from the mainstream media highlighting groups like the Proudboys. The mainstream media and the left love lying about the Proudboys, referring to them as a white supremacist group which is an abject lie. Here are a couple of news feeds highlighting this lie

Bing News Feed Proud Boys

Google News Feed Proud Boys

Proud Boy Arrest

If you follow Andy Ngo, a citizen journalist, he exposes many different things between ANTIFA and the left including exposing the media bias against the Proudboys and the lie that they are white supremacists. Here is a video of Mr. Ngo testifying before congress on this matter.


You can also follow Andy Ngo on Twitter to see many videos he uses to expose this bias.

More on this subject and how the media lies about it:

More on Proud Boys

Proud Boys Leader on CNN

Another Bogus NYTs Hit Piece on Trump

Another Bogus NYTs Hit Piece on Trump

The New York Times claims to have received several years of Donald Trump’s tax returns and examined the returns. The Times then runs a hit piece making several scurrilous claims against Trump. Is this another Maddow 2.0. I like to call it the boomerang effect. The MSM media throws out a boomerang hoping it will do political damage and the boomerang comes back and does political damage to the media. Let’s examine the Times article in this thread from Twitter:

Let’s see what others are saying:

CNN Fact Check is a Joke

None of these videos were edited. These video clips are Joe Biden in the raw either being unintelligible or saying something crazy.

This is just another prime example of the media covering for the Democrat and their nominee for president. Multiple examples of the mainstream media doing to cover for the left.