Brad Parscale Railroaded By Nosy Neighbor

When you read the headlines it seems Brad Parscale is a whacked-out man who needs to be treated for mental illness. It’s the hot take from the press. Before we get into that, let’s look at who Brad Parscale is? A basic description from a political novice would be: Brad Parscale helped get President Trump elected by taking advantage of social media. Here’s is a screenshot of his Wiki bio:

Brad Parscale Wiki Bio

Another take from a Factchecker website for news about the trouble that found Parscale this past weekend.

Brad Parscale Problems

Now, let’s look at the bodycam video and see if all the headlines and negative hype is warranted?

From observing the video, it appears that Parscale was set up by his neighbor. Here is a comment on the video:

Police believed on her word that might be completely fabricated for whatever reason. There is no evidence he cocked the gun. There is no evidence he did anything wrong. He was tackled to the ground without timely request to get on the ground. Request was made without time given for him to follow the order therefore he was injured for no reason. It is the shame this happens on Florida. He is going to come out of this couple of millions richer. Good luck Parscale.

What is your take on this incident? It is clear to me, he was set up by a nosy neighbor.

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